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Create-a-Brand really started over thirty years ago when, as a boy of seven, I sat glued to our black and white telly watching an animated Sunblest lorry “delivering goodness.”

Since then I've worked in global agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy, I've been a creative director in several London agencies and won a number of prestigious awards along the way, including two D&ADs.

I moved up to Rugby in 2008 to look after my mum, and realised there was a real need for quality business branding within the local area - Create-a-Brand was born one year later.

I truly love the creative industry - there's nothing quite like coming up with great concepts for marketing conundrums - I like to call it, “lateral problem solving”

Just because you're a small business, doesn't mean you shouldn't have good design and marketing. And, as our clients will tell you, once you have all the right elements in place, it's up to you how local you want to be.

Neil - Print manager

I've been involved in the printing industry for over two decades and still get excited seeing ideas come to life - printing's like watching a blank Polaroid develop before your eyes.

I believe that nothing is impossible. My role requires me to handle all our clients' printing and production needs, from humble leaflets and packing tape to holograms and dog t-shirts (don't ask).

In my youth I was an avid member of the Leicestershire tortoise society. I still have two today - Doris and Berty.

I love rooting about reclamation yards looking for goodness knows what. It's good practice for my day job - it really teaches me how to get a great deal.

Simon - Copywriter

After an art and design course, I studied at Edinburgh University to MA and then PhD, and subsequently taught English Literature and Language there, living in Scotland for many years.

I came back home to the area a couple of years ago, and found myself caught up in playwriting, local drama and local fashion.

My work for Create-a-Brand is always copy, never imitation. Detail is important to me, and perfection in it a source of pleasure, in work and outside of it. Aldous Huxley once said "Our life is a sentence." I believe he meant that it should at least be spelt and punctuated properly.

Tessa - Client Manager

I did a business management and marketing degree ten years ago with a view to treading a new career path. Wonderful husband and children delayed that somewhat, and in the end I clocked up over two decades in paediatric nursing.

When the opportunity arose to join Create-a-brand, I jumped at it. I have always been very logical and practical, but I love the creative vibe at Create-a-Brand HQ.

A lifetime of working with unruly children has come in handy. Plus, I can always bribe them with cake!

Dan - Designer

Starting off as a sculptor of Beatrix Potter and Winnie the Pooh giftware figurines, I changed my path to become a graphic designer in 2005. Since then I have completed a degree in Graphic Communication alongside a full time job in the field.

My fascination with design started at an early age with being able to create monsters with nothing more than a pencil and paper.

I draw inspiration from the world around me, always with 1950's Warner Bros. cartoons and Batman's work ethic in the back of my mind.

Louise - Planning

I can honestly say this is the best job I've ever had: doing what I love in beautiful surroundings.

With an honours degree in business and marketing, an elected member of the Chartered Institute of marketing, and over 15 years of experience in London working both client and agency side, I'm perfectly suited to head Create-a-Brand strategy and planning.

I'm so happy with the great team we have, and what we have achieved, not only as a company but also the great results we've achieved for our many clients.

We seem to attract people who want to succeed, and nothing makes me happier than seeing their products and companies achieve their objectives.

Sav - Social Media and SEO Analyst

The art of marketing first caught my eye when, as a young motorsport fan, I saw a Formula One racing car strapped to a roller coaster. Leaving school wanting to learn more about the business, I completed a BA in Advertising with Design in 2009.

What I love most about marketing is that it is always flowing: companies, technology and consumers are constantly changing, new demands and possibilities always arising. Working in that kind of environment is something I look forward to every day.

Hobbies are kart racing, motorsport, boxing and racing simulators.

Dan Dan the designer man
Louise Louise
Tessa Tessa
Simon, copywriter Mark the web design guru
Sav Sav, SEO, social media,
Archie Archie the boss
Neil, print manager Neil
With the right thinking, anything is possible.